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MSP430 FLASH Programming Toolkit

Universal BSL Interface

The bootstrap loader (BSL) of the MSP430 derivatives with flash memory provides access to their embedded memories during prototyping, production and in the field.

With the Universal BSL Interface this facility can be used with any PC by connecting a MSP430 device to a serial port of the computer. The Universal BSL Interface performs the shifting of the data signal levels and provides the power supply for the target device.

The Universal BSL Interface comes with the MSP430 BSL Programmer software.

(Target adapter not included!)

MSP430-8 BSL Multiprogrammer

This tool allows the simultaneous programming of 8 TI-MSP controller. The software needs Windows 2000 / XP.
The RS232-interface card is based on PCI-bus.

For programming one MSP430 BSL Interface is necessary for each channel of the MSP430-8 Multiprogrammer.


MSP430 BSL Programmer

The MSP430 BSL Programmer software provides
  • erasing
  • erase checking
  • programming
  • verifying
  • reading out
of FLASH devices.


Programming devices via the BSL is the only way to change memory contents if the devices' JTAG fuses have been blown. To get access to a controller a password – consisting of the interrupt vector table of the program stored in the device - must be known. Without password only the erasure of the complete controller memory is possible. This mechanism ensures that only authorized persons can read out or modify the device’s memory contents.

The program requires Windows 95 / 98 / ME or Windows NT / 2000.

Communications Library

Part of the software is a communications library (DLL) which provides access to the target device's BSL and can be used by other programs as well since the documentation of the API of this library has been included to the package. So any user can write Visual Basic or Visual C++ programs to get access to a target device's flash memory, e.g. to store calibration constants or serial numbers in it.



The tables below show the pricing information. All prices are in Euro (EUR) excl. VAT.

MSP430 BSL-Interface
Quantity Price per unit
1 ..10 EUR 119.00
Quantity Price per unit
11..20 EUR 112.00
Quantity Price per unit
21+ EUR 106.00
MSP430-8 BSL-Multiprogrammer
Quantity Price per unit
1 ..10 EUR 549.00

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orders from inside Europe
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orders from outside Europe
Quantity by surface mail by air mail
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1..9 EUR 10.00 EUR 25.00
10..18 EUR 20.00 EUR 50.00
19..27 EUR 30.00 EUR 75.00
etc.    etc.

All banking charges are up to you as buyer. If your bank doesn't include the option "all costs to the sender", please include a EUR 25.00 extra charge to your bill amount.

Order information

To order the package, containing the Universal BSL Interface, the MSP430 BSL Tools disk, a serial cable and a cable to connect a target adapter to the interface, just follow the two steps listed below.

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